NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) originally started off as just a collection of piano dealers in 1901 and the first official show actually took place in Baltimore, Maryland in 1902. The main event normally takes place in Anaheim, California every January and this year the 2018 Summer NAMM will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from June 28th-30th.

This organization of music merchants has now proudly grown to over 9,000 companies strong that are affiliated with this yearly event. Industry professionals, musicians, and enthusiasts all come from all over the world to check out this grand event and gain some knowledge on all of the latest gear and news in the music industry, as well as catch some of your favorite bands and artists perform on stage.

NAMM has grown to be one of the most recognized and praised trade shows in the music industry. With over 7,000 brands of the industry’s latest gear on the market showcased here, as well as hundreds of educational sessions, live performances and special events, this is a MUST HAVE experience. On average around 90,000 people attend the magnificent event of NAMM each year and the attendance is steadily growing.

Live Performances and Appearances of Legendary Artists

One thing you can always count on at NAMM is being able to catch some great live performances from a plethora of world renown talented music industry artists, not to mention all of the awesome meet and greets. Over the past century of NAMM’s existence there’s been countless performances by legendary artists and off stage appearances by some of the most legendary names to ever exist as well.

Musicians from all genres come from around the world to partake in the festivities at NAMM, from getting up on stage and sharing their skills/gifts/talents with everyone to just spectating and checking out the latest gear on the market as well, there’s no telling who you may run into. NAMM welcomes and celebrates all artists from the genres of rock, pop, hip hop, rap, blues, jazz, electronic, latin and more.

Just a small fraction of the incredible and legendary artists that have graced the stage and displayed their skills, talents and just overall love of music are Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Corey Taylor, Jim Root of both Slipknot and Stone Sour, Mick Thompson, John Mayer,  The full band of Earth, Wind and Fire, Alice Cooper, Chick Corea, Sheila E, BB King and well truthfully the list could literally go on and on.

Not too mention the amount of interviews NAMM has conducted with it’s Oral History Program, which actually recently celebrated it’s 3,000th interview. NAMM is a place where you can not only see legendary bands/solo artists showcase all of their hits but you can also luck out and catch super group lineups where some of the top artists in the industry get together and just jam on the spot.

On the Showroom Floor

One of the main purposes of NAMM is to explore and discover all of the latest gear within the music industry, over 7,000 brands are showcased in this event. One cool and gracious opportunity NAMM provides is the ability to reserve and setup your own booth to market your own brand for the masses to see and on top of that this creates numerous opportunities to make some great new networking connections. Shucks, even Charlie Chaplin and Thomas Edison have had exhibits at NAMM back in its historical timeline.

Not to mention you’ll be surrounded by some of the top 100 dealers of NAMM, everyone from an estimated average of 39 countries and regions, over 290 media outlets, and almost 900 retailers and distributors from around the world, all of this combined creating over $5 billion worth of buying power prospects. Aside from the massive probability of selling your products, there’s no telling what doors those opportunities can open up for the future of your company and products.

Educational Aspects

Not only does NAMM offer the latest gear to up your game on stage, in your concert venue, bar, or recording studio but they also generously offer a plethora of educational conferences. NAMM covers so much ground dealing with the music industry, like giving insight on the complete ins and outs of the business aspect of the industry.

Giving helpful advice if you have your own retail business, tips and tricks on running your company website, how to manage and market yourself via youtube, as well as how to sustain steady income from these things.They provide educational insight on developing and protecting yourself within the music industry as an up and coming artist, how to manage and up your social media game to appeal to the right people to market yourself properly, and to just developing yourself as an artist period.

They graciously provide insight on stepping your game up as both a student and a teacher as well with both music lessons and eduactional sessions, and the best part about it is all of this is completely free, there’s schedules of the time and place to be to catch these amazing conferences provided with your NAMM brochures.

NAMM’s Music Research Program

On top of NAMM providing news on the latest gear, providing insight on aiding in the growth of your business, developing yourself as an artist, and catching your favorite artist on stage, they also have an amazingly beneficial music research program that aids in the exploration of the benefits of music on the development of the mind on a scientific level and the benefits of music within our schooling system and within the community.

Their program also graciously provides multiple grants to help fund research teams with their scientific studies. The program provides grants in 3 research-funding areas such as 1.) Scientific grants, which go towards the exploration of how music affects the cognitive processes, development and learning, social and emotional, and psychological and biological aspects. 2.) Sounds of Living grants, which go towards research on the role of music making in health, wellness, and socialization in all ages of people outside of a formal education setting.
3.) Sounds of Learning grants, which go towards research on the advantages of music education within the school system and within communities.

Through various research teams the NAMM Music Research Program has been in hands with they’ve been able to uncover, develop, and provide a plethora of backing scientific information on how beneficial music programs are within the school systems and how they aid in the learning processes/auditory brain functions of students. Truthfully, not only just students but anyone in general. They’ve been able to provide research studies on how at least 2 years of music lessons aid in language and reading skill development. Specifically speaking how music lessons aid in the brains ability to distinguish similar and specific speech sounds.

Through other various research teams dealt hand in hand with the NAMM Music Research Program they’ve also been able to provide evidence on how music enhances motor skills and other various physical tasks, listening skills on multiple levels like being able to distinguish speech even in a noisey setting, the memory of sounds, improvement of speech and reading skills in school.

There’s also evidence showing how playing an instrument aids in stronger neural processing, how music education/creation aids in mathematical skills, and neurophysiological distinction between certain sounds which deals directly with learning and reading skills, and much more. There’s been numerous books written with backing scientific information that’s been funded by NAMM’s program.

So With That Being Said…

NAMM is proven time and time again to be one of the greatest events in the music industry period, there’s no other event of such magnitude and significance to the industry. Whether you’re wanting to check out and pick up some of the latest gear on the market, get the chance to meet some of your favorite legendary artists, make once in a lifetime networking connections.

Or educate yourself on the business aspect of the industry or learn about all of the great benefits of music on the mind, body, and soul through the NAMM Music Research Program, this is truly one of the greatest events of the year. NAMM is absolutely one of the perfect places to make some once in a lifetime memories and life changing opportunities!