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I’ve always had a strong passion for music, starting off with the “beating on pots and pans” from toddler ages all the way to putting together entire shows at local venues and opening for major label bands. Music has shaped my life on such a deep level. It wasn’t until 10yrs old when I realized music was my calling in life. Since then I began cutting my teeth in the music world, paying closer attention to everything music related, and beginning the “monkey see, monkey do” process of musicians I looked up to as well as just creating my own path.

I began doing music in school for several years as well as jamming with friends in my free time but it wasn’t until my later teens/early twenties when I started to really get more involved in joing bands and playing gigs.
I’ve been fortunate enough to create music with some incredibly talented musicians, record albums, and just be surrounded some incredibly talented and skilled musicians, exposed and welcomed into their musical world as well. It’s been an incredibly humbling and exciting journey thus far and I have absolutely no plans of stopping anytime soon!

I even began making a bit of a name for myself in my own local music community by just supporting every fellow musician and showing up to their gigs, doing some A&R work and putting together shows at local venues, to just becoming a friendly familiar face within the local community and I’ve loved every second of it thus far! This journey has opened up many doors and brought on so many amazing experiences in the process. I’ve been incredibly blessed and thankful for everything music has brought into my life so far!


Music has done so much for me in so many different ways, from helping me further discover who I was as a person and musician and building my own personal creative outlet to express it to just exposing numerous possibilities in life of how to thrive and survive from it. Music means the world to me and I would love to help people in the same way by just creating a source for people to get further submerged into the music world and getting their necessary fix of it!



I love anything and everything involving music. From up and coming artists, dope venues, latest news in the music world and awesome gear that musicians can get their hands on to further their interest, skill and passion.
I just want to create a place for people to dive deeper into the music world and help grow their knowledge and love for it, as well as just satisfying their craving!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Charles Washington

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  1. Charles. I think the way your site is set up makes the words feel alive. I felt like I was standing there in the post….Nice.
    I have a question, is playing the drums a natural talent or can anyone at any age learn to play?

    1. Thank you very much, that’s really awesome to hear. I’ll keep that in mind for future post. It can be both, for me, playing drums came naturally thankfully. But yea, anyone can definitely learn to play at any age. I’ve taught a few friends a few things on the kit and i’ve found the hardest part for people who’ve never played or just starting out is getting that initial coordination of being able to use multiple limbs in rhythm, but once you get that down it’s just a matter of sticking with it. First thing I usually try to show people is what I call the “AC/DC” beat, quarter notes on the hi-hat, the kick drum on counts 1 & 3, and then the snare on counts 2 & 4. If you can get that down, that’s like the basic foundation for the majority of rhythms you’ll ever play. And if you really want to excel quickly, hop on rudiments as soon as possible and that’ll make things an absolute cake walk!

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