Mac Miller Tribute, G-Eazy Show

The world and music industry tragically lost another brilliant and talented soul that will never be forgotten. On September 7th, Mac Miller lost his life to a drug overdose at the age of only 26. Mac was definitely in a league of his own with his unique, creative, and experimental style in music.

He was definitely no stranger to keepin it real, down to earth and letting it all bleed out onto the page with his pen, putting out amazing music for the masses to take a look into his life that so many loved and adored. Within his short time on this earth he made an incredible impact and impression on not just the music industry but those around him as well, he was loved by many.

Within his time he was able to achieve a number of recognizable feats not many get to do in their lifetime. His legacy and spoken word is carved and will be forever remembered on the timeline of life for generations to come. 

Mac Miller Killin' It

Since his passing countless friends, celebs, and fellow musicians have nothing but spoken highly, shared their best memories, and paid tribute to him from stage to stage across the globe. He was described by many as an incredibly kind, universally beloved, underratedly skilled person.

Always supporting and wanting to help fellow musicians. He was known for his clever wordsmithing and refusing to fit into one particular artistic box as an MC and musician. Always experimenting, evolving and artistically reinventing right before our eyes. 

He’s gone from “frat rap”, to backpack lyricism, to more artistically daring, darker, mature, and jazz influenced experimentation in his later years and albums, his most recent album “Swimming” having only just been released within the last month. He was definitely a very profilic artist in this generation. 

Busting out onto the scene in 2007 and by 2018 to date, Miller had released and/or been involved with 12 mixtapes, 5 studio albums, 41 music videos, 28 singles, 2 EPs, and 1 live album. 
Quoted by many of his family, friends, and peers, he was truly a remarkable human being and phenomenal artist. 
He will truly be missed by all. Much love and respect. 

Mac Miller Fan Love

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