I wanted to do a quick product review on an instrument I actually personally own and love myself, the *Mapex Armory kit. 
I’ve been playing this kit for the past several years and it has held up beautifully and i’ve never been disappointed with it.
It tunes up beautifully and sounds amazing in the recording studio. It packs a nice warm wholesome punch with the low end and just enough high end to cut through and shine perfectly.
This is my actual personal kit pictured above, the *6 piece Studioease Shell Pack with the all new *Tomahawk Snare. Which I can personally vouch and say that snare is a force to be reckoned with, it packs a helluva punch and demands attention when cracked.

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The shell sizes in this particular set up are:
-Kick Drum – 22″x18″
-Rack Tom 1 – 10″x8″
-Rack Tom 2 – 12″x9″
-Floor Tom 1 – 14″x14″
-Floor Tom 2 – 16″x16″
-Snare – 14″x5.5″

Mapex Armory Studioease Kit Configuration

The hybrid shells are composed of Birch/Maple/Birch, a 6 ply 7.2mm set up. This kit features the SONIClear Tom Suspension system for a better and more wholesome resonation when hit and I must say it sounds beautiful when tuned up nice. This particular setup helps keeps better resonation within the shell, and helps reduce the stress on the tension rods for prolonged proper tuning. The shells also feature the SONIClear Bearing Edge for a more direct transfer of sound, increased pitch, easier tuning, and a reduction of unwanted frequencies.

Mapex Armory Tomohawk Snare

The new *Tomahawk snare drum is an incredible instrument on it’s own, i’ve been very impressed with it and has never let me down. This baby can definitely stand on it’s own. It’s composed of a 1mm steel shell with incredible long range projection, a helluva crack and killer rim shot, and fine tuned accuracy.
This stainless steel shell also has the SONIClear bearing edge for more powerful volume and brightness. It also features a piston strainer and vertical throw-off.
Overall i’ve been incredibly impressed with this kit, i’ve played multiple over the years, usually Tamas but this has been by far my favorite kit i’ve played on so far. This *Mapex Armory kit is definitely well worth checking out and definitely won’t disappoint!

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  1. Very informative review of the this drum set .Since I was a kid always wanted a drum set.I actually had a family was part of steel pan band and I wanted to play the drums but was not never seriously considered.To this day I still crave to have a set .Thanks for providing the diagram and for sharing the article

    1. Awesome, thank you! Oh that’s awesome, I love those. I’d actually love to try my hand at one of those one days. It’s such a delightful and peaceful sound.
      Shucks you should definitely pick up a drum set if you ever get a chance or the time. Especially if you’ve got natural rhythm, you’d definitely enjoy it.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the article, I definitely plan on doing more reviews.

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