When it comes to capturing the amazing music coming out of your recording studio there’s no question that the *Rode NT1-A is one of the industry’s leading recording microphone. It has a large 1″ gold plated diaphragm accompanied with an extremely dynamic range and capability of capturing everything crystal clear from crashing drum cymbals to a vocal breath 10 feet away. The 1″ gold plated diaphragm giving you the “larger than life” feel in the recordings, and putting anything you record directly into the spotlight. TheĀ *Rode NT1-A is truly an incredible and impressive mic and one i’ve personally been able to work with in the recording studio.

It’s known for being one of the world’s quietest recording studio mics, with a self noise level of only 5dB. The low noise feature makes it perfectly ideal for recording vocals, guitars, and percussion, and not even having to worrying about getting the hiss in your recordings. Amazing.

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– Cardioid Polar Pattern
– Ultra Low Noise, Self Noise Level of 5dB(A)
– Large 1″ Gold Plated Capsule (Condensor)
– Phantom Power Required
– Weight: 11.5 oz
– Diameter: 1.96″
– Length: 7.48″
– Analog
– Frequency Response of 20Hz-20kHz
– XLR Connection
– Max SPL of 137dB
– Output Impedence of 100 ohms

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