Sennheiser e935 Dynamic Cardioid Mic

The *Sennheiser e935 Cardioid Dynamic mic is one of the top contenders in the industry for on stage vocal mics. It’s built to last, has incredible audio balance, is versatile and well rounded. Not to mention, despite being one of the best in the game, it’s one of the most affordable and is backed with a 10yr factory warranty as well.

The *e935 has a cardioid polar pattern, and compliments your voice with a more natural and diffused sound, which is best for lead vocalists. It works amazingly with both female and deeper male vocals, it’s never sibilant or hard, even with sharp female vocals. It has beautifully balanced sound and clarity compared to that of a condenser mic.

Yet, this model has excellent feedback rejection paired with not having to worry about audio bleed from surrounding instruments, which makes it versatile and great for gigs such as performing in small intimate jazz clubs to performing perfectly on moderately loud stages. It has a delicate balance of warmth and brightness that cuts through even the thickest mix of instruments within your proximity, and not a pinch of harshness that you may get with condenser mics.

It’s a workhorse mic that’s meant for the working musician and can handle the endless traveling and abuse of a performer “throwin’ it down” on stage night after night. It’s general versatility and natural audio helps the *Sennheiser e935 earn it’s place in the list of one of the best live vocal mics.

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-Cardioid Pickup Pattern
-Brilliant Natural Audio Balance and Clarity
-Metal Body built to last with 10yr Factory Warranty
-Weighs 12.5 oz
-Dynamic Capsule
-Frequency Response: 40Hz-18kHz
-Superior Feedback Rejection
-Very Minimal Audio Bleed
-Versatile Between Vocal Types, From Deep Male to Beautiful Female Vocals
-Affordable In Comparison
-Not Phantom Powered

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