It’s no secret that music just all around makes the world a better place, can we all agree on that?
So it’s no surprise to realize the benefits of music on the world and how vital it is to our existence whether we realize it or not. I mean could you really imagine a world that music never existed in? Nah never! Not in my mind at least.
I’m the kind of the person who has music playing 24/7. If i’m not listening to it, then i’m thinking about it.

Music is something that everyone can relate to in one way or another, and in a way it’s made this great vast world of ours a much smaller place in the same sense that much like the automobile, plane, and cellphone, it’s made us all that much more connected to each other and more accessible to each other.

Music can evoke certain vibes and emotions that you can’t put into words, it generates a vibe that anyone can share a bond over. Whether you’re a rocker and hearing a blistering solo suddenly brings you to life, or a thugged out gangsta that hears a dope trap beat and makes you wanna lay down a few bars, or even a pianist that finds a feeling of world peace in a classical piece of music, everyone can find a way to relate to music.

It can be used as a medium of communication between people when they don’t even speak the same language. In the sense of that you can take two people from two completely different cultures and put on a song, and through the rhythm and dance of it, those 2 people can both sit and just vibe on it without ever having to say a word. You both just “get it.” As they say, “When words fail, music speaks.”

Just think of being at a live concert, whether you’re the one on stage doing your thing to a crowd of 30,000 incredibly hyped up people or you’re the one in the crowd watching your favorite entertainer killin’ it on stage. There’s a certain energy that’s generated in that environment that you can’t quite put into words but it’s a feeling that’s like the writing on the walls, it’s an unforgettably good feeling.

A Quick Background On The Evolution Of Music

Music dates back to hundreds of thousands of years, and in a way possibly up to several millions of years ago. The first actual musical instrument was discovered just over 40,000 years ago, which was the Divje Babe flute, a bone flute discovered in the Hohle Fels cave near Ulm, Germany. However, it’s said that one of the earliest musical instruments was the human voice which is believed that the exploration of the vocal capabilities is dated back millions of years ago in some of the earliest extinct human species and it’s believed the full vocal range came to be just over 500,000 years ago.

Scientists and researchers say that music was used as a way of communication before the actual invention of language itself and obviously before the use of music as just a leisurely pleasure. But of course this is all just within the human era, music as communication is clearly found and used within the animal kingdom as well, even between different species of animals. From there, the rest is history, now music is being created via electronic devices such as oscillator and chaos pads and sent anywhere in the world online within a┬ásplit second and the click of a button. It’s amazing how the times have changed! There’s no telling what’s next for the music world.

Scientific Research

There’s been research going on in the music world for quite some time now and there’s nothing but beneficial proof of how music is incredibly healing on multiple levels. There’s a plethora of books on the subject, and numerous areas of music research in the health field. Music has been shown to improve memory, increase brain function, increase the rate of healing, stabilize the immune system, quell anxiety, lower stress levels, release and increase endorphin levels, and much more. Music therapy has become a very popular field of research.

Music has been proven to be incredibly beneficial to brain functions, for example, music is used a lot when dealing with patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s or dementia because music and your motor skills share the same brain circuits. I remember watching an amazing video of an elderly gentleman who could barely move, was practically mute and unresponsive when being spoken to but when he was given an iPod with music from his era he was suddenly brought back to life.

He would sing along and dance about in his chair, and when they removed the headphones they were actually able to have mild conversation with him about his love of music, his childhood and more. The music had kick started that part of his brain and almost completely rejuvenated him.

I watched a similar video with an elderly woman suffering from dementia and the same exact results with her. Before listening to music she seemed just about completely incoherent when asked questions, but after listening to music they were able to have comprehensive conversation with her and talk about her childhood and everything.

This is also used the same for patients suffering from Parkinson’s Gait, before listening to music patients would have the typical shuffling of the feet and troubled movements, but while listening to music they were able to walk almost completely fine. Drastically reduced shuffling and almost even danced along with the rhythm of music.
This is all just the tip of the iceberg, music research goes so much further into the health field. It’s incredibly amazing and awe-inspiring the effects has on the mind, body, and soul.


There’s a plethora of charities and foundations that are completely funded by or revolve around music in one way or another. With music being one of the most popular things in the world, period. It would only make sense that this could be one of the best ways to generate finances to help heal the world by providing financial aid where needed, as well as musical instruments.

Some of the largest and most renown benefit concerts were Live Aid, Live 8, and Live Earth which were all performed to help raise awareness to humanitarian issues throughout the world. These were just a few of the past, there’s a plethora of more musical charities and foundations going on in this present day.

A few charities and foundations today would be Education Through Music which goes to helping keeping and bringing music programs into disadvantaged schools, The D’Addario Foundation which also goes to sustaining music education, the Fender Music Foundation which goes to providing musical instruments to music education programs, Musicians On Call is geared towards musicians going and visiting hospitals and performing live for the patients.

A few more notable ones are MusiCares, Music Unites, Give A Note Foundation, and the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. All of these and so many more use the power of music to help save the world in multiple different ways, which to me, through music is one of the most effective ways to save and sustain this planet we all share together.

The Importance of Music On Our Youth and In Our Community

By now it’s very evident of how beneficial music is health wise, in a charitable contribution way, and more but it can also be extremely important and critical on our upbringing as well, like within the way it shapes our future youth who haven’t found or created a purpose for their lives yet. Or say for troubled teens who can’t seem to stay on the straight and narrow. Music is definitely one of the most influential experiences and can definitely set a person on a very engaging path in life and hopefully send them on to achieve great things in life if it’s made enough of an impact.

There’s multiple programs out there to bring music education to troubled teens and communities, which in my opinion are nothing but incredibly beneficial. Case and point, look at child prodigies like Thomas Pridgen or Tony Royster Jr. They began drumming in their toddler years and never stopped and now they’re some of the most sought after and world renown drummers in the industry. Another example is rapper Eazy-E who went from drug dealing to becoming one of the most influential rappers of all time with his group N.W.A. Those are perfect examples of what music can do for a person and how it can set a person to go on and help change and mold the world for the better.

That’s All Folks

So whether you’re the kind of person who’s dedicated your life to music and put every last ounce of your being into the creation of it, or you’re just a major enthusiast of it and can’t do anything without having music playing as if it were the soundtrack to your daily routine, to your life or if you literally depend on music to survive. Music is incredibly important to many people and just to the world in general. Personally I don’t know what i’d be doing if I never found music. In my opinion, music literally saves lives and it keeps the world going ’round!





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